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GREAT things are happening here at MCEA!

Election Results are in:

  • For NJEA Delegate Assembly:
    * Michele DeAngelo, LTEA
    * Lisa Bruno, HVEA
      Jen Miller, ETEA 
  •  For NJEA Delegate Assembly Alternate:
    * Christopher Carpenter, EWEA
    * Patty Yaple, ETEA
      Susie Zhao, WW-PEA
  • For State Delegate to the NEA Representative Assembly:
    * Christopher Carpenter, EWEA
    * Christine Sampson-Clark, TEA
    * Lisa Bruno, HVEA
    * Heidi Olson, HVEA
    * Jerry Simonelli, HTEA
    * Janice Williams, TEA
      Ellen Ogintz, EWEA
      Alan Wilson, LTEA
      Beth Thompson, MCSSETA
      Shirley Hicks, TPA
      Susie Zhao, WW-PEA
      Ronald Sanasac, TEA
      Olive Giles, PRESSA
      Grace Rarich, HVEA
      Renee Szporn, PREA
  •  For State Delegates to the NEA Representative Assembly – Ethnic Minority Concerns: 
    * Christine Sampson-Clark, TEA
    * Esmeralda Garcia, EWEA
      Janice Williams, TEA
      Alan Wilson, LTEA
      Susi Zhao, WW-PEA
      Shirley Hicks, TPA
      Olive Giles, PRESSA
  • * Denotes elected representatives


    MCEA President, Christine Sampson-Clark has been re-elected to the NEA Board of Directors for another 3 years starting September 1, 2016 !!!

  • The PRIDE Committee celebrated Dr. Seuss’s birthday on Wednesday, March 2nd at the Hamilton Barnes and Noble!  Check out their PRIDE committee page for photos.

  • image

    The Mercer Education-Association​​ would like to take this opportunity to recognize and congratulate our County Education Support Professional (ESP) of the Year, Mr. Alan Wilson​​ Thank you for all you do for our students, our families, in our community, and most of all, for everything you do for our fellow ESP members at all levels!

    On Thursday, December 10, 2015, the Mercer County Education Association  hosted a movie and discussion night at the AMC Hamilton.  We be showed the film, Defies Measurement, that was followed by a very spirited Q and A with Dr. Walter Farrell.

    “It is the best amalgamation I’ve seen of all the reasons why equity, not “test-taking-excellence” should be our goal for education in America. Supporting all children and families would be a huge first step.”
    -Susan Keeney

    movie night

    MCEA Movie showing: Defies Measurement

  • Visit us on Twitter and FaceBook for good news stories of our members, good information about public education issues, and to connect with other great public school educators. 

  • PD! PD! PD! Come get your PD at Mercer County EA. Check out our Workshop page for a variety of PD and Advocacy opportunities!

  • On Tuesday evening, October 27, 2015 at Mercer County Community College’s Conference Center, West Windsor Campus, Members Benefits hosted another successful fair. Check out their Membership Committee Page to see pictures of the many vendors and members enjoying the event! 

  • Congratulations to Arlene Rogers, MCREA for being chosen for the Distinguished Service Award!

    MCEA (Mercer County Education Association) is the association for local education associations representing teachers and educational support professionals in Mercer County, New Jersey. The Council of Educational Associations is affiliated with the New Jersey Education Association and the National Education Association.

  • NJEA condemns equal pay veto
    NJEA President Wendell Steinhauer and Secretary -Treasurer Sean M. Spiller today joined NJEA Vice President Marie Blistan in condemning Gov. Christie’s veto of equal pay legislation.  Blistan had earlier spoken in favor of the legislation, which had passed both houses of the Legislature by large margins. Continue reading at NJEA... […]

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